All Information About Admissions in Our Offered Courses:

Academic Year

The academic year at National Institute of Pakistan Studies (NIPS) Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, start in February and lasts till the middle of January in the following year. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Spring semester (February to June) and Fall semester (September to January). The National Institute of Pakistan Studies remains closed for teaching during the summer break in July and August.

Registration of Courses

At the beginning of each semester, a student must register for the course of study on Campus Management Solution (CMS) online.

The minimum number of courses to be taken in one semester is Four, while one cannot take more than Six Course.

If a student desires, he may take additional non-credit course our of the prescribed course (s). The non-credit courses (s) shall also be registered like the credit courses. On successful completion of non-credit courses (s) a mention will be made to this effect in the transcript.

A student can change/drop course(s) within 15 days of commencement of the semester with the permission of the faculty member concerned and final approval by the Director.


  1. A student shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of sessional tests, class assignments and terminal examination of which 50% marks shall be reserved for terminal examination.
  2. The terminal examination will be held at the end of each semester on the dates to be fiexed by the Quaid-i-Azam University.
  3. A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examination provided that:
  4. He/She has been on the rolls of the Institute during that M.Sc. semester.
  5. Has registered himself/herself for the courses of study, and
  • Has attended not less than 80% of lectures/seminars delivered to his/her class in each course.
  1. The student falling short of required percentage of attendance of lecturers/seminars shall not be allowed to appear in terminal examination of the concerned course and shall be treated as having failed in that course.
  2. A date-wise record of the attendance of students may be maintained by the regular faculty member. It will; however be a compulsory requirement for visiting faculty.

Programme of studies

The institute offers programmes leading to the degrees of M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Pakistan Studies.

Duration of Degree Programme

M. Sc.        2 Years

M. Phil.     2 Years

Ph. D         3 Years


Monday – Friday

8 am to 4 Pm

M.Sc. Scheme of Studies and Courses

A candidate having a B.A. degree in the social sciences (Including languages and literature) from a Pakistani University or equivalent with at least 2nd Division marks shall be eligible for admission. Each candidate shall submit an application for admission on a prescribed form in response to an advertisement.

Admission shall be made on the basis of merit(to be determined by tests, interviews and previous academic record). The formula for the academic record used to calculate merit is as follows:

MOAC = 800 x (MOF/TM + MOB/TM) + HQ

MOAC = Marks of Academic Career out of 1600
MOF = Marks obtained in FA/FSc
MOB = Marks obtained in BA/ BSc/ BCom/ BBA
TM = Total Marks in the relevant Examination
HQ = Hafiz Quran (20 marks)

Procedure of M. Phil Programme

(a)  Each candidate shall make an application for admission in response to an advertisement by the University on a prescribed form alongwith documents required.

(b) The admissions to MPhil/MS programme are made on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined by the previous academic record, written test and interview, following the scheme given below:

Admission Marks Distribution

Marks for Written Test = (40 or 50)

&for interview=10(if conducted)

Previous Academic Record =  50

Total:       100

* “Previous Academic Record” Marks Distribution

Class Marks Obtained (%) Marks to be Granted for Admission

FSc (Max. 15)

45-49 05

50-54 07

55-59 09

60-64 11

65-69 13

≥70 15

BSc (Max. 17)

45-49 07

50-54 09

55-59 11

60-64 13

65-69 15

≥70 17

MSc Annual System (Max. 18)

45-49 08

50-54 10

55-59 12

60-64 14

65-69 16

≥70 18

MSc Semester System (Max. 18)

50-54 04

55-59 06

60-64 08

65-69 10

70-74 12

75-79 14

80-84 16

≥85 18

BS (Hons) & all other 4- 5 years Degrees (Max. 35)

60-64 18

65-69 21

70-74 24

75-79 27

80-84 30

≥85 35

Note: (Fraction <0.40 shall be ignored and >0.50 shall be read as next whole number)

Less than 45% marks in FSc, BSc, MSc Annual System; Less than 50% marks in MSc Semester System and Less than 60% marks in BS (Hons) & all other 4 to 5 years Degrees will be graded as zero marks.

•    Written tests are normally held in the respective Department/ School/ Institute/ Centre according to the schedule announced.

•    The admission to MPhil/MS is approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board after a candidate has qualified a written test and interview and is recommended by the Selection Committee of the department/school/institute/centre concerned.

Procedure of Ph. D Programme

(a) A candidate seeking admission to PhD programme shall apply on the prescribed form when advertised.

(b) Students applying for admission are required to submit a copy of synopsis/research work. Admission is subject to the availability of the Supervisor in the field of research and HEC’s requirements.

(c) The application shall be submitted to the chairperson of the department/school/institute/centre where the student wishes to pursue the studies.

(d) All applications received in the department shall be periodically considered by the departmental admission committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.

(e) The admission committee, when satisfied, shall recommend to Advanced Studies and Research Board the candidates who are found eligible and suitable for admission to PhD programme.

(f) The admission shall be approved by the Advanced Studies & Research Board.

(g) A notification of registration/admission letter for each candidate approved for admission to PhD programme shall be issued by the University.

(h) Each student so selected shall be required to register and pay the dues within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notification of registration/admission letter.

(i) In case of in-service students, No Objection Certificate from the employer is required to be attached with Admission Form and routed through Proper Channel or they can submit the same by the end of first semester, failing which their admission shall be cancelled.

(j) Short listed candidates will be called for interview/ presentation of research proposals.

(k) A student can do more than one PhD but not simultaneously even at different universities.

(l) Every student at the time of admission to this University shall give an affidavit to the effect that he/she is not pursuing degree programme studies in any other institution.

(m) A student cannot be awarded two PhDs on the same research material/document.

(n) A student after taking a migration certificate from the QAU cannot pursue PhD unless he/she re-migrates back to this University.


Sample Paper for M.Sc./M.Phil/Ph.D

S.# Degree Title Number of Students
M.Sc. (Spring Semester 2016)
1. 1st Semester 43
2. 2nd Semester 43
3. 3rd Semester 35
4. 4th Semester 19
5. 5th Semester 01
6. 6th Semester
Grand Total 141
M.Phil. Enrollment(Spring Semester 2016)
1. 1st Semester 25
2. 2nd Semester 19
3. 3rd Semester 13
4. 4th Semester 13
5. 5th Semester 13
6. 6th Semester 08
Grand Total 91
M.Phil. Degree Awarded
Total 223
Total Enrollment 40
Ph.D Theses Submitted
Ph.D Degree Awarded
Total 25

Fees Structre

Fees Structure of M. Sc. M. Phil and Ph. D Spring Semester 2016 to onward

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
M. Sc. 33547 16329 12936 12936 12936
M. Phil 45930 14201 14201 12331 In 5th and 6th Semester Extension Fee is also added.

Approx. 3500

Ph. D 53534 13156 13156 13156 13156

Fees Structure of M. Sc. Self Finance Spring semester 2016

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
M. Sc. 89176 69856 67936 67936 67936